#StreamLeader 002 – A Simple Growth Strategy: Start Using it Today

#StreamLeader Report 002- A Simple Growth Strategy You Can Start Using Today

It’s not easy to grow an audience for livestreaming with content alone. 

You have to get on people’s radar — and stay on it — so that your content can capture their interest.
You need a POSITIVE way to get their attention and make an impression.

Livestreaming isn’t about who you know; to have people show up to your streams, it’s more important that they know about you. It’s even better if they like you.

Here’s the simple strategy that you can employ starting today to build an audience: Promote other people.

Promote them relentlessly. Promote them enthusiastically. Promote them thoughtfully.

That is how I was able to get Livestream Universe on people’s radar PRIOR to hosting my first show in 2015 through blog and social media posts focused on what other people were doing.

Rather than backing off once I started hosting my own shows, I upped the ante by featuring other creators’ livestreams in a daily video & podcast update that some friends started calling the TV Guide for livestreaming. Nobody was doing anything like that at the time. And I don’t think anyone is doing it today.

Here’s Some Really Good News

In 2021, people are less willing to give over space in their content and social feeds.

Therein lies the opportunity — and it doesn’t mean you need to create a time-consuming daily broadcast.

Find a way in your live shows, social posts, blogs and emails to highlight what other people are doing. Let your community know how to watch their shows.

Of course, you know to tag anyone you are promoting in any posts related to that promotion.

Don’t worry if people aren’t reciprocating right away or in the same way. Most creators and entrepreneurs don’t have the interest or want to spend the time, but the benefits do come back to you in different forms.

People who don’t say thank you or reciprocate by sharing your content might go one better and recommended you for a speaking gig or suggest a client work with you. 

Raising Brand Awareness

Even if you never connect in a meaningful way with someone you’ve promoted, other consumers in your network start to see you as a resource regarding what’s happening online.  If your social media and blog become the go-to spots for viewers and other hosts to learn about quality livestreams, you’ve now made an impact on your own business prospects through promoting others.

Remember, this is a long game. Outreach to grow and maintain an audience is something you will be doing for as long as you are livestreaming, active on social media or selling products online. 

What matters is that your repeated promotions are putting you on the radar, keeping you top of mind and highlighting you as someone people want to follow and with whom it’s in their interest to have a good relationship.

Test it Out

Try this in the next week or two: Create a few social posts highlighting upcoming shows other people are hosting. You could also share a link to a livestream, YouTube video or podcast you enjoyed. 

It’s fine to be strategic about it. For example, promote a show hosted by someone you’d like to have as a guest on your stream.

Tag me on the post and I’ll reshare it without mentioning where the idea came from. 😉

Terrific Tools ⚙️

  • YES to Screenflow 10: There’s a new version of Telestream’s video editing and screencasting software for Mac that I’ve been using regularly for the past 3-4 years. Screenflow 10 is a paid upgrade that’s $49 if you are upgrading from Screenflow 9. Mike Murphy has a great tutorial that in less than 3 minutes shows you how to upgrade, set your permissions for Screenflow on your Mac and add your new license. In addition to a new UI and significantly improved performance, Screenflow 10 adds a bunch of features I’m very excited about: A library of lower thirds and titles with animation so you don’t need to build them yourself or use third-party tools; the ability to record audio from multiple apps on your computer at the same time; you can now record multiple video cameras, mics and devices all in the same session, which Screenflow says on its website that no other screen recording software offers; a destructive editing option so that video you don’t need for the final project doesn’t continue to take up room on your computer; and an automatic background remover for people who don’t have a green screen. Lots more info on the Telestream website.
  • Hello Jarvis: Jarvis is no longer just the name of the Conversion.ai assistant that helps you write copy. It’s now the name of the app as well. Thanks to recommendations from #MonetizeLive speakers Kim Doyal and Jan Koch, I purchased an account. I haven’t used it yet as I am in the process of learning how to integrate it into my workflow. I feel much more confident about taking off the traininng wheels after seeing Kim’s interview with one of the co-founders yesterday. Expect more on this cutting-edge product in the coming months. Perhaps I’ll ask Jarvis to write the copy explaining how I’m using it to create conversion-optimized copy in a fraction of the time. Learn more about the power of Jarvis.

Around the Universe 🌌

Watch & Listen 🎬 🎧

  • In preparing to publish a book, I’ve been binging on content from #MonetizeLive speaker Dale L. Roberts. He’s a terrific resource for anyone interested in self-publishing. Dale’s also a talented livestreamer, podcaster and YouTuber. The place to start is his YouTube channel.
  • Uscreen makes a strong case that for many creators there are better ways to monetize video than putting all your eggs into a YouTube channel basket. See if you agree and get the game plan for selling videos.

Livestreaming Resources 📚

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