#StreamLeader 005 – What I Learned About Success from an Email Sequence

#StreamLeader Report 005 ⁃ What I Learned About Success from an Email Sequence

Can you believe what I learned about struggle and success from watching a friend plan an email sequence?

My good friend Kim Doyal and I were talking the other day about promoting my book launch when she had an idea for 5 days of emails.

Within minutes, Kim had it all outlined. The purpose, subject, content ideas and call-to-action for each of the 5 emails. My jaw dropped in amazement.

Now I already considered Kim my go-to email authority. Her #FtheHustle newsletter is a must-read. Her talks and courses on email marketing might be the best in the business.

But seeing her move from idea to game plan in minutes – with my content – was a revelation.

I had always associated email marketing with the technology and rules needed to manage opt-ins and lists and set up automations. Not what I wanted to focus on. Frankly, the thought of struggling to learn that side of things scared me off.

Now I saw just how creative, fun and strategic setting up a plan and composing an email sequence could be.

I told Kim how cool it was to watch a talented pro work in her zone of genius. Her concept had materialized into a concrete plan in minutes.

There was something almost magical about the way it came together.

Always blunt and brutally honest, Kim said, “Well, it wasn’t always this fast. I’ve done a lot of these.”

When we see someone with great talent – could be an athlete, musician, marketer, creator or entrepreneur – they can make their work look almost effortless as though their natural talent was the only reason for their success.

Talent matters. But what we don’t see, and can easily forget about, are the hours of work they put in struggling to master their craft.

Had Kim given up when it might have taken her a half-hour or an hour to map out a sequence or stopped when new technology came along that required a learning curve, she wouldn’t have reached the point where someone could marvel at how easy she makes it look.

It looks easy today because she was willing to stick with it when it wasn’t easy at all.

Getting my first book published has been a struggle and a lot of sleepless nights. Having the content was only a small part of what it takes to go from draft to launching on Amazon. 

My next book will be easier and faster because of what I learned in the process of doing this one.

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