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with Louise McDonnell

Social media expert Louise McDonnell shares her formula for helping clients turn social media into a revenue generator with Ross Brand of Livestream Universe. Get the full game plan in her free 5-day challenge: https://rossbrand.krtra.com/t/iBYZuGqMoElF.

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Louise McDonnell and Ross Brand

Conversation With Louise McDonnell of Sell On Social Media

Perhaps you are finding that engagement on your social media posts is down in recent years.

Or maybe you’re continuing to receive likes, shares and comments, but when it comes to acquiring clients and making sales, your social media efforts aren’t moving the needle.

These are common concerns I hear frequently, especially among colleagues who are coaches, consultants and small business owners.

Don’t worry, help is on the way.

Meet Louise McDonnell

I contacted my good friend, Louise McDonnell, a leading social media marketing expert. She runs a digital agency, works with individual clients, offers courses and hosts membership groups.

Louise McDonnell

At the Sell On Social Media Agency and Academy, McDonnell has a strong track record of helping her clients grow revenue through social media. She also uses her talents to support those in need, once raising over $45K for charity in a single livestream!

Take the Challenge

With her free 5-Day Social Media Challenge starting on Monday, May 13, I thought it would be a great time to tap into Louise McDonnell’s expertise.

In our conversation, she shares an overview of the system participants in her challenge will learn. I highly recommend taking the challenge. In fact, I just registered for it myself.

While the video at the top of the page contains our full discussion, what follows are valuable excerpts edited for length and readability.

Ross Brand: Louise, why isn’t social working for most people anymore?

Louise McDonnell: Selling a service online is quite different from selling a product. People have to buy into the person selling the service because they cannot separate the delivery of that service and the person delivering it.

Ross Brand: So what are the things that the people for whom social is working are doing to have business success?

Louise McDonnell: For a high ticket item — over $2,000 — it does not work to go onto your social media, create a post or paid ad, and promote that service. And you say, “There’s my new service. Please sign up.” That just doesn’t work. Instead, we have to have a different approach to selling services online. The businesses that are doing that are getting results. They’re all following this process that I’m sharing with you today.

Regardless of what you’re selling, if you follow this process, I guarantee you, you will get results. I absolutely guarantee you that.

Ross Brand: Okay!

Louise McDonnell
: The starting point, Ross, is to be very clear about what you want to achieve. You have to have clarity about what it is that you’re selling.And then everything else in your campaign will come from that.

Ross Brand: One thing that gets in the way for people is they don’t have any flow to what they’re posting. I just need to feed the beast. So when you give them some clarity, it puts into focus everything that they’re doing.

Louise McDonnell: That’s exactly it. So the goal will dictate the type of content and the schedule of the content. The second thing that people need to get clarity on is their core messages. To communicate clearly what your core messages are, you have to understand what problem you’re solving. who you’re solving it for, and why you should be the person to solve that problem for that person.

Ross Brand: I know we don’t have time to get into every nook and cranny of this. Briefly, what is the next step before you put out your big ask to buy that high-ticket item?

Louise McDonnell: Consistency. If you have posted three times on your Linkedin and you haven’t achieved your goals, you haven’t tried long enough. People don’t realize the timeframe it takes you to start to see results. You need to be testing for at least 3 months. Then you can see if what you are doing gets results. It takes time to get traction.

Ross Brand
: How often should you put in that call to action to buy the $2,000 product?

Louise McDonnell: The buy my $2,000 product just doesn’t work.

Ross Brand: So, you should be having smaller steps, smaller conversions, along the way?

Louise McDonnell: Micro yeses. It’ll never work to go and say, “By the way, I’ve got this shiny new service, would you like some?”

Ross Brand: Right. That’s why we do lead magnets and free offers and things like that.

Louise McDonnell: Exactly so. And the next step… Okay, show up consistently, but you also need to reach enough people.

Watch the Video

What you’ve read so far is only a fraction of the wisdom McDonnell shares In the video. She covers how to show up on different platforms, the role of paid ads and the different types of content that build the know, like and trust factor necessary to make sales. She also talks about how she uses AI in her social media workflow.

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