#StreamLeader 003 – Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

#StreamLeader Report 003- Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

It’s easy to forget the small things that can make a big difference.

As creators and entrepreneurs, we have a lot of plates spinning at once.

We have content schedules to meet, digital products to launch and funnels to build. 

Then there are social media accounts to manage. Post, respond, engage, schedule, assess, recalibrate and then post some more. 

How about another blog post? Got to have something new to drive traffic to the website.

Better have an opt-in and landing page for our latest product ready for when people visit our website.

Probably should have an email campaign too.

And there are Facebook groups to run, Discord servers to manage, Patreon subscribers to deliver perks to. 

So many things to do related to capturing the attention and keeping the interest of cold-to-barely warm leads that we may miss on converting warm-to-hot leads because we neglected people further along in the process.

If we start at net income and work backward, we realize that before building funnels, creating content and running outreach campaigns, we want to ensure that those closest to becoming customers and clients cross that finish line.

That doesn’t mean stop creating content, building funnels and attempting to engage people who aren’t warm leads yet.

It means we can’t forget that our social accounts, featured content and website have another critical purpose: closing warm leads.

That’s why no matter how much we are doing or how little we are doing, we have to take time to Google ourselves every couple of months.

Because we need to know if our social media accounts, websites and other online properties that rank in search are optimized to close warm leads.

In #StreamLeader Report 004, I’ll share how to define a warm lead in this content and what you can do to ensure your social media, websites and overall online footprint (at least that which shows up in Google search results on page one above the fold) perform as a digital portfolio for closing warm leads.

Terrific Tools ⚙️

  • Streaming & Live Video Production: For those who are new or maybe getting into livestreaming for the first time, I highly recommend StreamYard as your live streaming and live video production service. It truly lives up to the three pillars established by the co-founders: it’s easy to use, extremely stable and looks professional. It’s also affordable and has a lot of great features on the Basic and Pro plans.
  • Easy Media Kit: OneSheet is providing users with the ability to set up a media kit in literally a few clicks of your mouse as well as your own creator hub featuring your livestreams, podcasts, YouTube channel videos, bio, books, speaker page, testimonials and more. It’s great for anyone who wants to land more guest interviews, speaking gigs and followers. Congrats to Poddit founder Brent Basham on developing another great service. You can view my page as an example of what’s possible: https://1sheet.pro/rossbrand.

Around the Universe 🌌

  • My book, 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed Online in an Era of Rapid Change, is getting closer to publication. If you’re interested getting early access to a copy, reading a few chapters and writing an honest review, please email me at ross@livestreamuniverse.com.
  • Our Livestream Universe Mastermind Beta group is meeting this month for strategy sessions and group coaching at 8:00-9:30pm ET on Tuesday, July 13 and Tuesday, July 27. It’s $20 per month while we’re in Beta. Register at MonetizeLive.VIP.

Watch & Listen 🎬 🎧

  • YouTube is looking at setting up a marketplace for creators to license music right on YouTube to use in YouTube videos. Dan Currier of Creator Fundamentals talks about it in his latest video.

Livestreaming Resources 📚

Ross Brand

Ross Brand

Ross is an award-winning livestreaming strategist who helps creators & entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise; brands sell their products and services; and livestreamers with hosting, promotion, gear, and show development.

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