Wallace Livestreams ‘Inside Track’ on SXSW Conference

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Every week on Blab until the SXSW Conference, Brian Wallace hosts the “Inside Track,” interviewing influencers about their strategies and predictions for the conference beginning March 11.

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace

His fourth episode (10am ET, Monday, Feb. 22) features best-selling author and digital analyst Brian Solis.

“Inside Track” has been racking up impressive viewer counts rarely achieved on Blab. Wallace’s recent interview with Robert Scoble on the future of tech has been seen by 3201 viewers, including 1204 who watched the replay (as of Feb. 19).

‘I’m looking to have NowSourcing, the infographic design agency we established 10 1/2 years ago, be a bigger media agency this year and we’ve been doing lots of short-form video content, so doing a weekly long-form broadcast seemed to be the perfect fit,” Wallace said.

Wallace will be speaking about data visualization and cutting through the noise with infographics on the SXSW pitch stage on Sunday, March 13. He said his seven years of attending the SXSW also enables him to provide conference insights to newer attendees beyond the basics, as he does on his “Inside Track” shows.

Brian Solis
Brian Solis

“I’m finding my knowledge to be a great marketable skill to help people with practical SXSW strategies.  It’s totally overwhelming to just try to surf through endless SXSW official updates and the email blast universe of parties happening around town,” Wallace said

“It’s also underwhelming to read super basic tips that most people talk about drinking water and having sneakers, so there was a moment of clarity to provide something more meaningful,” he said.

Wallace also hosts #WeeklyWisdom on Blab, interviewing guests on the challenges of entrepreneurship. He recently talked with Ebong Eka, author of Start Me Up: The No-Business-Plan Business Plan.

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